Virtual Experience Solutions

Virtual experiences that bring your brand to life and engage your customers, wherever they may be.

Creating unforgettable customer experiences is what we do, both live and digitally. Our engagement experts offer a variety of solutions to help make your virtual brand experience one to remember. 

Virtual Event Consulting Services

Enlist our team of experts to be your guide.

Virtual Event Consulting Services

In the move to digital, event marketers are challenged to reach and keep remote audiences engaged. Our digital engagement experts will assess your virtual event or digital sponsorship opportunity and develop a strategic approach to maximizing that opportunity to get the greatest engagement and return.


One-of-a-Kind Virtual Event Experiences

Virtual Event Design & Production

MSM's proprietary virtual engagement solution, LiVi, short for where live meets virtual is built for brands. Our 3D designers and digital engagement specialists will create a one-of-a-kind virtual event experience that infuses cinematic virtual event environments with opportunities for real-time exploration, interaction, and entertainment.


Punctuate Digital Content with "Real" Moments

Virtual Experience Enhancers

Punctuate virtual content with real experiences. From professionally produced live-streamed "expert" talks to physical experience boxes that arrive at your attendees' doorstep — we can help you createExperience Packs (2) tangible connections with your remote audiences that set your event apart.