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Comfortable Shoes

It should go without saying why this is number one on our list, yet it is often the most challenging to find a pair that’s just right. These are our favorites.

Carry-All Bag

In trade shows and events, you need to plan for it all and pack for it all.

Sleep Gear

As an Event Manager, you have to catch those zzz’s when you can! Sleep more comfortably on the plane with our favorite travel gear.

Immune Booster

“Because none of us can afford to get sick when we work hard.” (Olivia Wilde)

Daily Hydration

It’s the one thing we often forget to do during a long day of trade show prep.

Evening Energizers

We’ve all been there… you’ve just finished a 10 hour day organizing giveaways and have to jet off to a team dinner. How do you stay energized and evening event-ready?