Socially Responsible

At MSM, we don't just deliver compelling engagement experiences. We continually strive to Exhibit Greatness and make a positive impact on the world with everything we do.  Our Core Values guide us in every endeavor to promote social justice and acceptance, support and raise up our community, and lessen our environmental impact on the planet.

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Social Greatness

Respect and appreciation for our similarities, as well as our differences, are cornerstones of our philosophy.  MSM promotes diversity and inclusivity within the company, across our social media platforms, and in our surrounding community.

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Community Greatness

A key tenet at MSM is our focus on giving back to our community.  From our support of the United Way and our Live Great and Give Great campaigns, to providing employee time off to volunteer, we help to strengthen our neighborhoods, improve quality of life, and make a real, lasting difference right in our own backyard.

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Environmental Greatness

We all have a responsibility to protect our planet.  At MSM we do our part through consolidation of shipments, recycle drives and our very own tradeshow exhibit Shared Sustainability Program.  Practices like these help to ensure that we minimize our carbon footprint, use of landfills and construction efforts.