Return to Live Events Planning Guide



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As a brand experience agency in business since 1993, MSM Inc. has done and seen it all in face-to-face engagement. Yet, COVID-19 has brought on unprecedented challenges. As we return to in-person events, live engagement will look quite different to ensure our attendees and teams are safe, healthy, and happy.

MSM’s GUIDE2LIVE outlines industry best practices and ideas to help arm you with the tips, tools, and resources you'll need for a smooth and successful return to live.

What is included in the GUIDE2LIVE?

  • Insights on the impact COVID-19 has had on live event & exhibit planning 
  • Recommended experience design considerations for social distancing in exhibits and events
  • Guidelines for enhanced health & safety measures 
  • Strategies for integrated/hybrid event planning
  • Additional Resources for Event Marketers

Download the GUIDE2LIVE now for a comprehensive analysis and overview of best practices in 2021 live event planning.

As the landscape of live events rapidly evolves, we encourage all event professionals to leverage global resources such as the World Health Organization and the CDC to learn about the latest guidelines and protocols impacting large gatherings. For our part, we are always here to help guide you and will continue to monitor and relay the latest information and trends.