PepCity: Product Demonstration through Virtual Environment Exploration


PepCity: Product Demonstration through Virtual Environment Exploration


PepsiCo's exhibit at NACS 2019, the National Association of Convenience Stores Expo, received a top accolade from the show producer who ranked their exhibit experience #1 in the conference.  What was it that beat out PepsiCo's steep competition? Beyond PepsiCo's continual product innovation, this leading consumer beverage and snack company invests time and resources into making their customer experience one their visitors will remember. 

One particular highlight of their 2019 exhibit was the PepCity experience. MSM's ExperiDigital team was challenged to distill pages of shopper preference data and insights into a attendee experience that was intuitive, engaging, informative, and of course, fun. 

MSM created PepCity, a visually intriguing and interactive digital experience that enabled users to explore convenience stores throughout a virtual city to better understand how the demographics of each location impacted buying behavior. 


PepCity UI

The custom illustrated, animated PepsiCo-themed city was controlled, and explored by an intuitive user interface.

Rather than learn about PepsiCo's buyer insights through a traditional demonstration or sales pitch, users got to explore and experience all that PepsiCo had to offer to convenience store owners in a "choose-your own-adventure" type experience that was highly engaging, fun, and informative.

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