Showcasing Your Brand Through Your Customers


Showcasing Your Brand Through Your Customers


Cisco Live is Cisco’s industry-leading proprietary event offering thousands of engagement opportunities for customers and partners. The event is an annual destination for education and inspiration for nearly 30,000 IT professionals.

The World of Solutions is the event’s epicenter – and at the heart of that epicenter is the 28,447 square foot Cisco Showcase where Cisco highlights its breadth of products and solutions. Within the Cisco showcase, attendees are met with a sea of technical product demonstrations.Sizzle, Cisco, Product Demonstration (5)


The primary design challenge? Tell the Cisco story through a customer lens. Shift focus away from tactical product demonstrations to involving and inspiring customer stories that illustrate what’s possible in end-to-end networking solutions.

It was decided early on that customer stories would be the cornerstone of the Cisco Showcase experience. The Cisco and Domino’s partnership was one such story that was brought to life through fun, engaging, and brand-forward interactive experiences.


Dominos Maker WallWhere maker studio meets America’s most well-known pizza brand. This story showcased how Domino’s digital ordering system was transformed through several Cisco solutions and services. This space was incredibly hands-on for a technical IT trade show, and was told through a 2-part journey.

Dominos_Cable Connection Game2The Makers Wall – An abstract illustration of how Cisco transformed the way Domino’s manages and processes incoming orders, enabling door to door delivery of the hottest, freshest pizza. Resembling a larger than life pin ball game with its multiple pathways, balls (or pizza orders) would drop in at random. As they made their way through the winding pathways, roadblocks would pop-up. Attendees could clear the pathway by pressing on levers, or a Cisco easy button to clear the bottle necks.

The Cable Connection Game – Attendees had to digitally connect Cisco solutions with desired Domino’s business outcomes. Top scorers who solved the challenge the quickest were added to a leader board to win daily prizes.

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From a quantitative standpoint, Cisco’s Cable Connect game saw over 1,000 unique plays.

The experiential approach to demonstrating Cisco’s solutions created a tangible connection between the technology and the real-world success story. These unique experiences also created social media-worthy moments to document and share out, broadening the visibility of the conference.

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