Event Technology for Curated Conversation


Event Technology for Curated Conversation

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Event technology is enhancing the customer experience with PepsiCo.

The Challenge: PepsiCo offers convenience store executives unrivaled consumer buying insights and analytics through their Demand Xcelerator (DX) platform. MSM was challenged to demonstrate the richness of the DX platform in an engaging and intuitive way.

The Solution: Key takeaways were distilled into a journey of three distinct experience areas. Each allowed attendees to engage in an intuitive interactive experience and understand quickly the breadth of the DX platform capabilities.

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1. Product Engagement Zone
Products placed on a digital surface revealed detailed animated information and insights on what makes them so appealing from a buyer’s perspective.
2. Advanced Analytics Zone
Attendees explored PepsiCo insights about shopper buying behaviors and product preferences based on the demographic and geographic inputs made through touchscreen kiosks. 
3. Perfect Planogram Zone
Attendees experimented with optimal product arrangements to gain maximum sales impact based on demographic info keyed in on touch kiosks.

The Results:
The DX experiences saw over 600 unique interactions and were so successful that by day two and three, attendees who had gone through the experiences were giving demos themselves, showing how exciting and intuitive the engagements were.

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