Modern Meets Modular Exhibit Design


Modern Meets Modular Exhibit Design


This tech-forward, modern and eye-catching exhibit design caught the eye of EXHIBITOR MAGAZINE'S Portable Modular Award Judges, winning Best Reconfigurable Exhibit for it's sleek, yet highly functional design elements.


RSA 2018, the tech industry's leading cyber security event, saw the roll-out of a completely new set of exhibit properties for Cisco. The new exhibit design featured a louvered theater structure, and dramatic lighting elements; however, the main focus was given to the star of the show—the technology.

To highlight Cisco's technology solutions, special attention and care was given to the design of the product demonstrations. The custom designed demo stations featured LED edge-lit canopies to draw the eye, and monitors embedded behind a smoke acrylic panel which concealed the bezels and allowed for white-boarding directly over top. 

Not only did the new exhibit stand-apart from the competing exhibits, attendees were drawn in by the dynamic design and had plenty of space to connect with Cisco technology. 

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