Transport Your Customers Beyond The Show Floor


Transport Your Customers Beyond The Show Floor


Cisco Live is Cisco’s industry-leading proprietary event offering thousands of engagement opportunities for customers and partners. The event is an annual destination for education and inspiration for nearly 30,000 IT professionals.

Cisco uses The World of Solutions to showcase its breadth of products and solutions. Within the Cisco showcase, attendees are met with a sea of technical product demonstrations. It also offers an opportunity for Cisco to tell their story through a customer lens. 

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An Experiential Approach to Demonstrating Solutions

Sizzle, Cisco, Product Demonstration (5)-1The goal was to shift focus away from Cisco's standard tactical product demonstrations to involving and inspiring customer stories that illustrate what’s possible in end-to-end networking solutions.

The City of New Orleans was one such story that Cisco felt was a compelling portrayal of Cisco technology solving real-world challenges.

The environment in which the City of New Orleans demonstrations were situated transported you out of the “typical tradeshow” environment and into the heart of Bourbon Street. To tell the story of how Cisco solutions transformed the way New Orleans Police Force were tackling crime in the city through extensive real-time data, we developed a visually immersive and engaging three-part experiential demonstration that brought the solutions developed for the City of New Orleans to life.

The Backstory: Setting the stage for the experience overall was a short three-question survey focused on tourism and its effect on crime in NOLA, completed on iPads situated along a cobblestone street.Sizzle, Cisco, Product Demonstration (3)

Real-time Investigation:  Attendees found themselves in the New Orleans Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). After watching a quick video clip, attendees were asked to answer simple, yet specific questions about the scene such as “What was the man wearing? A: nothing at all, B: a boa, C: beads.” With many incorrect responses, the game demonstrated how difficult it is for witnesses to remember details about a crime. The experience showcased how Cisco cameras are enabling NOLA police to solve crimes quicker.

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The Outcomes Window: Set within a French-quarter style building façade, touch screen windows looped time-lapse video footage around New Orleans. By tapping the screen, a city map appeared along with impressive crime-rate statistics resulting from Cisco’s partnership with NOLA.

The Results

Sizzle, Cisco, Product Demonstration (1)From a quantitative standpoint, Cisco saw over 2,500 plays of its real-time investigations experience, with over 13 hours of surveillance video watched in total.

From a qualitative, the New Orleans customer story was treated like a destination within the showcase, and everything about it-- the design, and the experiential journey-- compelled attendees to visit and explore.

The experiential approach to demonstrating Cisco’s solutions created a tangible connection between the technology and the real-world success story. These unique experiences also created social media-worthy moments to document and share out, broadening the visibility of the conference.

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