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You don’t have to be traditional! The bold floor graphics and brand visuals MSM employed in this 2011 WBENC booth cut through the noise.

2011 MSM Exhibit

Staff outfits don’t have to follow the typical trade-show mold. Make a bolder statement and stand out from the crowd with unique flair, like MSM’s candy skirts and head-piece flair.

2012 MSM Exhibit

There's no need to completely reinvent the wheel to keep things fresh. MSM’s 2013 exhibit incorporated a new augmented reality engagement activity to add intrigue and spark conversations.

2013 MSM Exhibit

A complete overhaul is recommended every few years to keep up with current branding and keep attendees coming back for more! A full refresh and coffee bar experience created a huge buzz.

2014 MSM Exhibit

Customers want to know that you understand them. What better way to do that than create a personalized experience just for them? The VIP color consultations our guests received in 2015 was a hit.

2015 MSM Exhibit

An exhibit can be easily reinvented with the right design team. Our former bar space was transformed into a VIP room experience where guests learned about the best clothing fit for their body type through a virtual mirror.

2016 MSM Exhibit

Remember that room experience from 2016? Well it got another transformation in 2017, when we turned it into a virtual buzz-feed style personality quiz to identify attendees’ tradeshow personas.

2017 MSM Exhibit

In 2018, we showed attendees how they could achieve maximum impact with their trade show programs by working with MSM, all done through an interactive gameshow experience that took place in that same room.

2018 MSM Exhibit

It’s about time to reinvent the wheel again, and this year our guests are in for an a-MAZE-ing experience…

2019 MSM Exhibit