Virtual Experiences

Transform the way your digital content is experienced. MSM's digital engagement platform, LiVi, combines modern gaming techniques with the immersion, exploration, and connection of live experiences to enable customers to:

  • explore fully branded "worlds" 
  • self-discover and download content of interest
  • connect with solutions experts and socialize with guests
  • view live-streamed or on-demand sessions
  • participate in collaborative workshops, games, and more

Complemented by i
ntegrated user engagement tracking, brands can know their customers ever better while strengthening the social bond with their buyers. Ready to learn more?

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Experience the Difference

MSM has been telling B2B and B2C brand stories for over 25 years. Digital engagement has been a huge part of that.
With the recent shift from live to virtual events, we knew we had to revolutionize the digital event landscape to help our clients better engage and connect with their customers. What does that look like?


Virtual Destinations

Present content through explorable 3D environments that add voice, context, and immersion to the virtual customer buying journey. Invite your customers to a workshop in the digital twin of your office. Host a virtual conference in Brooklyn, open a flagship showroom on the moon – it’s all possible. 

Curated Engagements

Got everyone in your exclusive space? Educate and engage them with integrated content hotspots, live session takeovers, interactive product demos, branded games – you name it. While your customers are exploring and making their choices on where to go and what to view, we are gathering key data on their interactions.

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How Does it Work?



an environment that helps bring your brand story to life and adds context to your content



opportunities for engagement and community building through linked environments, and integrated chat and communications



your content, message and overarching theme for your audience, all managed through a back-end content management system



the customer experience through unique surprises like guided tours, interactive games, workshops, incentive integration and more

In a Nutshell

This is not a one size fits all digital engagement platform. With pre-defined modules, it's true, we take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation to help you ramp up quickly, yet the options to create, adapt and scale your virtual experience to fit your business goals and audience are virtually endless.

Bring the thrill of live experiences to the virtual space for your

  • conferences and tradeshows
  • customer meetings and workshops
  • product demos

We're excited to show you the opportunities. Ready to get started?