A balance of work and life.

Yes, Even Event Managers Can Have a Great Work/Life Balance

Don’t get us wrong. In the deadline-driven, fast-paced whirl of trade shows and events, we understand that finding a good work/life balance isn’t always easy—especially during the busy season. And for those with young children, it can be a real challenge to find enough of the special time we want to share with them.

Yet somehow, we trade show warriors all manage to figure it out. There are young professionals at our office, mothers and fathers alike, who aren’t just surviving—they’re thriving! So we thought we’d walk around and ask them and a few other champion balancers here how they do it. Here are their top five tips:

  • Plan PTO strategically Schedule four or eight hours off every month well in advance and then actually take it. Get a massage, meet old friends for breakfast, go on a winery tour. And be sure to take one longer vacation per year—at least a week, if not two—it will do wonders for restoring and rejuvenating you and your family.
  • Do one chore each weeknight After the kids are in bed, knock off a load of wash or vacuum one room. Doing a little every night will keep things from piling up, leaving more of your precious weekend free to do fun things.
  • Think of travel time as me time With the right frame of mind, business travel can be like having a mini-vacation all to yourself. Take long, uninterrupted showers, slip a little shopping into your schedule, maybe catch up on Game of Thrones on the plane. Master the art of mixing in a little fun with your travel and you’ll actually start looking forward to it.
  • Divide and conquer Negotiate a fair and equitable division of labor with your spouse. And if that arrangement isn’t cutting it, try another one. You’re both in this together, so everyone needs to pull their weight.
  • Accept the mess One person said, “Where there is love there is disorder.” So accept that the hamster really did need a ride in the toy car and socks can look nice hung over the bannister. Resist your perfectionistic impulses and everyone will be a lot happier, including you.

One more thing we heard. For you younger folks, it all gets better with practice. Plus, as time goes by and your kids become more independent, it just gets easier and easier. So take a deep breath, count your blessings and … smile!