Workouts on the Road for Frequent Business Travelers

As every business traveler knows, going on the road can really throw a monkey wrench into your usual workout schedule. So here are a few hard-won travel tips suggested by members of our account team for making workouts on the road easier to do, whatever your preferred style happens to be:

Hotel workouts  Convenient, sure. But lugging a pair of sneaks and a pile of workout clothes can make lifting your carry-on into the luggage bin a workout session unto itself. Fortunately, a number of hotels now offer gear-borrowing services. The Westin hotel chain, for example, will lend you a pair of refreshed New Balance shoes in your exact size and a set of laundered fitness clothes for just $5 per day. They even throw in a new pair of socks, which are yours to keep.

Studio workouts  If you prefer a specialized workout, like yoga or Pilates, you’ve got more choices than ever. Even the San Francisco airport now has a yoga room. Try to look for the ones that offer a variety of classes and times, since you never know when you’ll have a free hour. CorePower Yoga is especially good in this regard. Other favorites recommended by our in-house yoga fanatics are Warrior ONE in Orlando and Modo in Las Vegas. Many studios have a “new member” deal, so make sure to ask about it. And most now let you rent towels and mats.

Anywhere workouts  If you find yourself with a bit of unexpected free time in the middle of the day and the weather is agreeable, there’s nothing like slipping out for a quick walk to reset yourself before facing the rest of your day. Many of the trade show convention centers we know have walking paths adjacent to them. McCormick Place in Chicago is especially good this way, with trails that take you through beautiful parklands along the lake. Then again, just a power stroll down any good city street, maybe even punctuated with some window shopping, could be just the endorphin boost you need. No pre-planning required, except maybe a change of shoes. 

Just feeling good  Perhaps what you really want after a hard day’s work isn’t a workout at all. Massage Envy now has over 1,200 locations, including one right across the street from the Moscone Center. Imagine what a traditional Swedish massage applied to your aching trade show and event feet will do for you. Or, for those times when you want to rid yourself of even more tension, how about an exfoliating sugar scrub topped off with moisturizing body butter? It’s all just a quick Uber ride away—and often right down the street.

For more tips, check out The 12 Best Hotels to Help You Stay Fit on the Road. After all, if you travel a fair amount, that’s simply too much time in your life to be skipping workouts. And as you can see, getting them in is easier and more convenient than ever.