Why All the Little Things Are Big Things

Reaching the number one spot on the Top 100 in our hometown of Rochester, NY was a huge thrill for MSM and we are very grateful.

Part of what goes with this new territory is people asking what the key to our success is. So here’s our answer. Something so simple, but so important:

“Get back to people. Fast. No matter who it is.” 

Returning calls and emails quickly is incredibly important because it’s really about something a lot bigger. It’s about respect. About making people feel important.

How strange is it when a company, whether it’s a plumber or a Fortune 100, doesn’t get back to you? If given a choice, would you want to do business with a company like that?

Yes, doing the little things well really does matter. You can call it building your brand or protecting your reputation. Maybe we should just think of it as doing for others what we wish they’d do for us. 

That’s not just the golden rule for people. The way it helps attract and retain customers, we think it’s the golden rule for business too.

And so we bend over backwards for our clients. We care about our work but even more we care about the people we’re doing it for and we want everything to be perfect for them. When you feel that way, no ask is too big. And nothing is ever beneath you.

So make a mental note to focus on the little things and watch everything else get better in a big way.