Wayfindings is a blog for people who really love tradeshows. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Wayfindings

blog that brings exhibit professionals and tradeshow managers together seems like a natural idea. After all, we’re cut from the same cloth, sharing a love for tradeshows that people outside the business can find hard to fathom.

We all understand the challenge of creating a living, breathingthree-dimensional experience. We feel the excitement of knowing that five, ten or thirty thousand people will soon be pouring in the doors to check it out. And we get real satisfaction from seeing badges getting scanned, conversations starting and leads coming in.

Yes, that’s our lives, and with so much in common, we thought it would be fitting and kind of fun to have a blog just for us.

But the true intent of Wayfindings actually runs deeper. Because, as we know, this business is built on tradeshow managers and exhibit professionals working together in partnership. We are the vital link. The more we communicate, and the greater we appreciate each other’s perspectives, the better it will be for everyone’s success. And so, in Wayfindings, we promise to give you, the tradeshow manager, a behind-the-scenes look into the world of your tradeshow partner, straight and unvarnished. We’ll share experiences, make observations, offer opinions, and sometimes just talk about what’s new.

And please remember, we’re just as eager to listen to your thoughts and reactions so we can do a better job collaborating with our clients.

How about starting right now? Tell us—what is it that you love about the business?