Trade Show Crunch Time Gifts to Say Thanks

Trade Show Crunch Time Over? Here's 7 Ways to Thank Your Team

Well, we finally got through the spring crunch time. Our people have once again gone above and beyond for our clients and we’re feeling very grateful. So we thought this would be an ideal time to share our seven favorite ways to thank individuals or teams for a job well done:

#1. Write a heart-felt note and place it on their desk. Be specific about what their contribution was and why you appreciate them. As with most of the suggestions that follow, it’s important to be as personal as possible.

#2. Stop by their office and thank them. Taking the time to do this conveys a respect for the employee that’s sure to get noticed and be appreciated.

#3. Send a Starbucks freebee. Starbucks is the new universal currency because virtually everyone seems to like it. Even better, you can text or email a Starbucks eGift Card and recognize even a whole team of people quickly and conveniently.

#4. Invite her/him to lunch (or breakfast). Obviously this is a bigger investment of time on your part, but the benefits of building a stronger relationship will be well-worth it.

#5. Give company-wide recognition. Posting a shout-out on your intranet that recognizes a person or team is a pride-building way to publicly acknowledge a job well done. 

#6. Buy a small gift. It’s extra-nice if it can have a special meaning to the person, such as reflecting an interest of theirs or, even better, some shared history you have with them. If you don’t know the person well enough to do this, some currently popular gifts are a mani/pedi, movie tickets or a wellness gift such as a massage or a pass to a yoga studio.

#7. Give extra PTO if you’re the boss. They’ve put in extra time on the job, so granting extra time off is a very equitable way of saying thank you. And it’s sure to be appreciated every time.

Here’s hoping your crunch time went well and that you’re as proud of your employees as we are of ours!