In Life, There's No Guarantees... or Are There?

Cross your fingers. Knock on wood. Or better yet, the next time you buy something, make sure it’s got a guarantee. After all, with all the stuff in our lives—ultra-sonic jewelry cleaners, wine refrigerators, sound bars, soda-making machines, digital assistants and who knows what else—it seems like something’s bound to conk out or blow up any minute.

So it’s good to know that when it does, there’s a guarantee it’ll be fixed or replaced, free of charge. Peace of mind at last.

Of course when it comes to the world of business, other things are on the line. Like what? Take live events and trade shows as a couple examples. Whenever something goes wrong, it’ll often happen in full view of hundreds of curious attendees. Yet, guarantees in the world of events are as scarce as a hot day in winter.

There are a few exceptions. We, for example, offer two. One promises that if your final invoice isn’t presented within 30 days after a show closes, you get a discount (full disclosure: we’ve never had to pay). Another one guarantees that your cost for planning and executing your exhibit is flat from start to finish (we call it Transparent Pricing), no matter how many calls or design revisions might be needed to get it out the door.

With all of the unknowns in planning an event or trade show, guarantees like these are a welcome assurance, but lately we’ve been wondering if they could go even further. 

So here’s an idea on our drawing board: what if we start to guarantee customer engagement? After all, capturing an attendee’s interest and getting them involved is the first step to turning them into a customer, which leads directly to the success you have at a show. So why not have guarantees for things like registration rates, dwell times, amount of content viewed or total number of journeys completed?

We think it’s an exciting prospect that could help ensure you get consistently great performance from a true event marketing partner.

What do you think? What guarantees would you like to see? We’d love to hear from you.