Trade Show and Exhibit Firm MSM Earns Top Workplaces 2016

Top Workplaces - Absolutely Tops In Our Book

Top Workplaces, as you may know, is a prominent listing of the best companies
to work for in cities across America. Hosted by the Democrat and Chronicle in our area, this year’s winners were announced a few weeks ago.

So we’ll just come right out and say it—winning a Top Workplaces designation means more to us than just about any accolade we can think of receiving.

Mostly that’s because of the spotlight that it shines upon the importance of workplace culture. It’s essential that people work well together in order to do a great job for clients and nurturing the right environment is where it all starts.

But to us, the real genius of Top Workplaces is where they get their information from: the employees themselves. That’s right. Ratings are determined solely upon strictly confidential answers provided by the workers themselves.

As Doug Claffey, CEO of WorkplaceDynamics, the research firm that runs the survey, says, “Who better to ask about work life than the people who live the culture every day?”

And let’s face it. A company directly getting totally candid feedback from an employee is always going to be challenging. Which is another way of saying that the confidential input that goes into Top Workplaces is feedback you can really trust.

And, above all, use. Perhaps the greatest value to participating in Top Workplaces is that companies can have access to the answers (while still protecting the confidentiality of employees) and use them to improve the quality of their workplace even more.

After all, we thrive on feedback—always wanting to get better, whether it’s for our customers or employees. It is a process that should never stop. We all have room to grow and that’s a path we need to stay on.

So to all you companies out there who participated in Top Workplaces this year, we say bravo. To all who got the thumbs-up and made the list, congratulations. And to the employees in our company who gave their input, a heartfelt thank you.

It’s the very best way we know to keep the progress going.