Top 3 Wishes of Event Coordinators

A few weeks back, we posted a blog about event coordinators being named the 5th most stressful job in America. Based on the large number of views it received, the topic clearly struck a nerve. So we decided to dig a little deeper by contacting some of the events people we partner with and posing this question:

“If you could wish for one thing about your profession, what would it be?”

Coincidentally, this same kind of question was asked to women industry leaders a few months back in an Event Marketer article.

And so, based on those responses plus what we uncovered on our own, we herewith present our unofficial list of the top three wishes of today’s event coordinator:

#1  Stop thinking of me as a “party planner”  It should be no secret to anyone that event coordinators need to be regarded as marketers first. Respondees talked about how their job is never just about hosting, say, a dinner. It’s about developing a clear objective for a highly defined audience and then staging an experience that works powerfully to achieve it. As one said, “If you don’t understand my role, you’re going to get a lot less value than what I can really do.”

 #2  Give me a seat at the strategy table  Getting involved early and at the highest level of the marketing conversation is the top wish for many respondees. Instead of being handed a tactic to execute—that dinner, for example—the event coordinator needs to understand all the thinking behind the request. What are the latest customer insights? What’s their current state of mind? How do they perceive our company? Above all, what are we really trying to accomplish? Should it even be a dinner at all?

 #3  Speak now or forever hold your peace  One of the top stressors that event coordinators talked about is the large number of stakeholders who need to be involved in planning an event. So it can be incredibly frustrating when these same people don’t provide input or feedback in a timely fashion. When they finally do weigh in, accommodating their point-of-view can be disruptive, costly—and sometimes flat-out impossible.

And so, those are the top things event coordinators appear to be wishing for these days. We’d love to hear your comments.

 And to each of you we say: may these and all your wishes come true.