The Top 5 Must-Haves for Planning an Event of Epic Proportions

The bigger the event, the bigger the challenge. Ah, but the sweeter the victory. And so, following the successful outcome of our biggest show of the year, Cisco Live! 2018, we offer 5 must-haves that will help make your big events—and even your small ones—a guaranteed hit.

#1, Rock-solid strategy A large event will typically include dozens of stakeholders, creative people, partners and vendors. Each will have their own expert perspective and each must be carefully considered. So how do you stay on course? Make absolutely certain you have a high-level, thoroughly vetted and approved strategy—including what the attendee experience should look and feel like, key takeaways, and desired outcomes. It’s the one sure way to utilize the best thinking of everyone and get to that finish line in glory.

#2. A fearless leader Part visionary, part enforcer, a strong leader is worth their weight in gold because they keep everyone marching in the same direction. And what that takes is a person with the ability to make sure everyone feels heard, the tact to resolve disputes and the authority to make the right decisions—all of which should point back to that rock-solid strategy.

#3. Excellent communications Remember the Tower of Babel where no one could understand what anyone else was saying as they were trying to build it? A streamlined communications plan is the answer. Weekly Webex meetings to regroup with the core planning team is a great start. But there are also a number of file-sharing platforms such as Google Docs, workfront and Smartsheet available to ensure that the thousands of required decisions, revisions and timely approvals happen with the utmost efficiency.

#4. Great partners Today’s events call upon an ever-increasing range of digital, interactive, lighting, staging, gamification and engineering disciplines. No one has all the answers, so success depends upon having the right partners in place. That’s why it’s wise to never stop searching for the most talented resources, including rising stars, year ‘round. So you can quickly bring them together for your next event. 

#5. An A+ on site team Installation is the ultimate pressure cooker. The risks of going off track, missing deadlines and racking up extra expenses are with you right up to the minute the show opens. So assemble your dream team, build a robust supervision and reporting structure—and turn ‘em loose. Or, if you’ve got a great event partner at your side, chances are they’ve already got this covered. In fact, we keep a consistent crew year-over-year for our clients who know the ins and outs of our set-up requirements to a tee.

Small, medium, large, and especially super-size, every event will go better with these 5 must-haves in place. Here’s wishing you a ton of success on your next one!