Think Beyond the Booth

Trade shows, as you know, are ideal venues where consumers can engage with brands in the face-to-face, experiential way that drives connections, loyalty and sales.

But in this increasingly fragmented, multichannel world, how do you take the power of direct contact with your brand and extend it to reach audiences in entirely new ways?

As President of Mirror Show Management I love the trade show space, but after realizing that it was no longer enough I have now joined forces with Amanda Dempsey to create The Experience Shop. With Amanda as Managing Director/Visionary, she and her team bring years of experience in solving these kinds of problems for some of the biggest brands in the world.

In fact, the Ex Shop has the breadth of knowledge to create a proprietary experience, handle the production, management and technical direction, curate the talent, line up sponsorships, staff it and even do the marketing and promotion.

Whether it’s a music venue, mobile tour, pop-up shop or other kind of activation, they always start with fundamental research, digging deep to find out exactly what appeals to each audience. They’re an insight-based, results-driven agency that really delivers.

With a shared set of values, a ton of knowhow and a passion for doing great work, I think we totally complement each other. Together, we’re perfectly positioned to deliver the interactions that engage the senses, spark emotions and form lasting memories—in the booth and beyond.

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk about how you can partner with the new MSM + Ex Shop powerhouse for your next brand interaction!


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