Emotional Intelligence Image

The Secret Formula to Building a Successful Career

There’s a kind of intelligence that IQ can’t measure. One that actually correlates better with your ability to work well with others and ultimately find lasting success. It’s called emotional intelligence, or EQ.

Developed by psychologist Daniel Goleman, it’s based on research he conducted at 200 large companies in the1990s. Here are the key traits he discovered that make up emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness Understanding your moods and emotions and the effect they have on others. If knowledge is power, self-awareness is a kind of reality check that can dramatically increase your workplace success.
  • Self-regulation The ability to control impulses and rise above petty feelings and frustrations. A lack of self-regulation is the classic way some individuals unwittingly sabotage their effectiveness, if not their careers.
  • Motivation The amount of passion you have for your work and your doggedness in pursuing goals. As setbacks occur, motivation predicts how well you will land on your feet and live to fight another day.
  • Empathy This ability to feel the emotions of others and relate to their situation. Among other things, high empathy makes you more likeable.
  • People skills Having good social skills means you can quickly establish relationships and build productive business networks. Not surprisingly, it’s an essential part of good teamwork.

Among the many other things that a high EQ score can give you is a stronger ability to cope with constantly changing circumstances. Which, as everyone in the exhibit and events business knows, is an absolute must these days.

So how do you get more people with high emotional intelligence to work at your company? Consider developing questions during your interview process that will help to evaluate a candidate’s EQ. Or perhaps go further and administer an actual EQ test—a number of them are available online.

You can take a quick, simplified emotional intelligence test right here and see for yourself. Enjoy—and may all your emotions be intelligent ones.