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The More They Dwell, the More You Sell

Funny thing about trade shows is, you can draw a ton of traffic, but if they don’t stick around long enough to experience your brand and products, you haven’t accomplished a thing.

Truth is, this one number—dwell time, average minutes spent in your exhibit—is probably the closest you’ll ever get to knowing how much interest your customers truly have in you. And let’s face it, when it comes to selling customers, we need to be as interesting as possible.

So what can you do to increase your dwell time? A well-trained and engaging staff almost certainly comes first. But after that, what else is there?

These days, it’s technology. Interactive screens, touch tables, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc. And not just because of their novelty or cool factor. We believe what really makes technology powerful is that, when properly deployed, it allows attendees to create their own learning path.

Think about it. An attendee walks up to an interactive screen. Your products are there. They decide which ones to look at. In which order. And they choose which features and benefits they want to delve into. Information isn’t being pushed on them; they’re gathering it. So they’re going to get more involved and spend more time with you because they’re getting exactly what they need.

Now here’s the other side. As your customers are creating their own learning path, you’ll be gathering a record of every single choice they’re making. So you get to discover what’s most appealing to them, individually and collectively.

It’s like the ultimate consumer focus group—a treasure trove of information quantified, served up and delivered to your company’s marketing gurus—every time you have a show.

Back to dwell time. It’s said that the average stay in a trade show booth is about 7 minutes. So imagine our joy when we recently racked up 31 minutes 37 seconds at one of our client’s exhibits. Which we and the client attribute to the series of self-learning interactions built into the customer journey.

The process MSM uses to think through these technology-driven learning experiences is called ExperiTech™. Though we seldom talk about ourselves in our blogs, in this case we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it. It really is that good.

Enough said. Here’s to getting attendees to spend more time in your exhibits!