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Teaser Campaigns and the Incredible Power of Curiosity

Have you ever found yourself clicking on a banner and not knowing why? Or going to one of those “blind” sales at your favorite store with no idea what you might find?

Truth is, when it comes to building anticipation and raising heart rates, teasers have a strangely powerful way of working on us. A bit like the excitement we feel when we’re tearing through the wrapping paper to see what our birthday present is.

Cisco recently put the power of the tease to work in their event marketing strategy to introduce Spark Board, one of their new flagship products. To entice invitees to attend the product launch event, a campaign was created that included email blasts, videos, social media and direct mail, which is about what you’d expect.

Except, in all cases, the messages never revealed what would be introduced.

Stop and think about that. You’ve set up this big event in San Francisco. You’ve invited a list of high-powered partners, developers, customers, analysts, consultants and media from around the country, if not the world. Everything is depending upon the success of your product launch. And yet you haven’t told a single person what they’ll see or why they should go!

If that sounds like a recipe for disaster, you’ll be glad to know that the whole thing turned out to be one of the most successful product launches in Cisco’s history. The moment the teaser messages went out, social media lit up around the world. Everyone wanted to know what Cisco was up to. As the weeks went by, anticipation kept building and the teaser videos were viewed an incredible 806,000 times. 

In the end, 1,101 VIPs carved time out of their busy schedules, dropped everything and headed to the event. Thousands more signed up to view a live broadcast.

Just goes to show how powerful a thing human curiosity really is. In a world where you’re usually given the whole story point blank, it’s exciting to get just a taste and having to use your imagination to fill in the rest.

Yet, despite this almost legendary potential for success, teaser campaigns can be a tough sell to the marketers themselves. There’s a strong urge, given the money being spent and with so much at stake, to play it safe and tell the whole story in every message.

That’s understandable, but then again, in event marketing the spoils go to the brave. And the ability of these campaigns to attract attention and create buzz may in the end be the safest bet there is for making your next event a success. All thanks to the fact that it’s tough to resist a little tease.

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