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Surefire Ways to Come Together for a Good Cause

When it comes to helping people in need, sitting down and writing a check is always a good idea. But when you can unite a team to support a cause, it can be even better. Bringing people together through a shared activity spreads good will and makes the act of giving more satisfying for everyone. In that spirit, we offer these guidelines for planning a charitable group activity:

  • Make it personal There are ways to help that can feel more heartfelt than giving money. For example, if an employee or employee’s spouse is undergoing a prolonged illness, you could organize a Meal Train where coworkers cook ready-to-eat food for the family. Every meal sends a clear, and very personal, message of caring to the people in need.
  • Be creative The more fresh and original your activity is, the more buzz it’s going to generate. To raise donations to fight local hunger, our creative department came up with a Souper Bowl fundraiser, with each person preparing their favorite soup and offering it to coworkers for $5 a bowl during Super Bowl week. A unique idea that worked great and, for those of us in the middle of a Rochester winter, a heart-warming one, too.
  • Make it hands-on When people roll up their sleeves to help out a cause, it naturally brings them together. For example, there’s a charity program called Dress a Girl Around the World that makes dresses for impoverished girls. Each one has a pocket that holds a handmade doll—and volunteers are needed to make the dolls. Gathering around a table and working on them, knowing that each one will be going to a girl in need and brighten her day, is a wonderful sharing experience.
  • Appeal to a hobby When you can tap into the interest of a group within your company, it can really fire up the energy. Take that cohort of exercise fanatics you’ve probably got at your office (it seems like every company has one). Next time you need to raise money for a good cause, why not ask them to attend a grueling spin class and be sponsored by their coworkers for getting through it? We bet every one will jump at the chance to put the pedal to the metal. And the enthusiasm they generate will make the event positively pop.
  • Plan Ahead When there’s a cause your organization is passionate about, get involved early. For instance, the American Heart Association supports a cause that’s near and dear, with it impacting so many people close to us. For that reason, we’re already actively co-sponsoring their 2019 Walk & Run. By putting the word out early, you’ll build excitement within your organization and get maximum participation.

For more charitable tips and activities for your company, click here. And, from all of us at MSM, happy giving.


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