6 Things to Never Do During an Uber Ride

As an on-the-go events manager with all those cities to get around in, you’re probably addicted to Uber by now. 

And why not? Not having to hunt for a cab, being able to see a picture of the driver before you get in, no need to pay or tip when you ride—plus lower fares—all add up to a better way to get to showfloor.

But into this happy picture comes a problem. Because certain people these days are having to wait longer and longer for an Uber driver to show up—and a few seem to never get a ride anymore.

What’s going on? You know the way you get to rate your driver after each ride? It turns out that the driver is rating you too. And if your average score falls below what’s rumored to be 4.5 (out of 5), drivers start balking at picking you up. Drop below 4 and you’ll soon be hailing cabs again.

And so, based on surveys of the top complaints by Uber drivers, here are 6 things it would be wise to avoid doing:

#1. Don’t keep them waiting  This is the number one complaint of drivers. After all, they’re on the clock, so if you’re not there when they arrive you’re literally costing them money.

#2. Don’t give unfair ratings  If your ride was fine, the driver expects a good rating from you, so giving anything less than a 5 could cause him to do the same to you.

#3. Don’t leave a mess  Uber drivers use their own cars, so leaving litter behind or, worse, spilling your Starbucks on their upholstery could be taken personally.

#4. Don’t slam the door  A little picky maybe, but this one does come up as an annoyance by drivers. Besides, slamming the door won’t add any steps to your Fitbit.

#5. Don’t cancel at the last minute  This one might actually be worse than making them wait because it wastes even more of their time, so really try to avoid this one. 

#6. Don’t be rude  Being overly curt or demanding is never a good idea, and if your vibe is unpleasant enough, it could get you barred. Just sit back, relax and be nice.

Of course, all of these tips boil down to nothing more than good, old-fashioned common courtesy. Which, as we’ve written a blog about recently, should be what guides all of our business behavior. Not to mention the rest of our lives.

If you haven’t tried Uber yet, click here for a code that will give you your first ride free. Enjoy!