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7 Proven Ways to Build a More Creative Culture

As a customer experience agency, we’re always searching for the next big thing to wow audiences, so it’s no surprise that creativity is in our DNA. But whatever kind of business you’re in, having a workforce that thinks inventively about your customers and processes will always be a competitive advantage.

And so, allow us to offer seven ways to jumpstart, enrich or blow out your creative culture:

#1 Push for better  A creatively driven workplace starts with higher standards. It’s what dispels complacency and makes people dig into themselves and become more imaginative. So insist on great and watch as folks rise to the occasion. 

#2 Confront reality  Do post-mortems after major projects that include the whole team. It’s about taking an honest look at the way things are so everyone can put on their thinking caps and find new ways to do them even better. 

#3 Spread inspiration  Host lunch chats by bringing in interesting people from the community. Send your best people out to seminars and workshops. Circulate trade publications and interesting articles. Keeping ideas flowing is one of the surest ways to inspire new ones. 

#4 Include everyone  Creative thinking isn’t the province of one department or job title. It’s everyone’s responsibility, from the account team to the warehouse, and everyone has the ability to do it. So when you do your brainstorming, open it up to everyone.

#5 Cross-pollinate  Because challenges often cross departments and job functions, it helps if employees understand what’s going on in other areas of the company. So consider setting up a cross-training program and reward participation with “degrees” in different areas of expertise. 

#6 Celebrate ideas  It takes a lot of effort to overcome the expected and think creatively, so when a person or team succeeds in doing it, bestow recognition and praise far and wide. Even small suggestions should be rewarded with tokens or gift cards and, yes, kudos. 

#7 Add fun  A lighter atmosphere loosens people up and encourages bold thinking. So host fun get-togethers, create a line of company apparel that people can get jazzed about, and give thoughtful gifts. Above all, let your people know they’ll be supported through the failures that inevitably come from trying new ideas. It’s all part of building a freer, more fun and therefore more creative culture.

These suggestions are based on things we’ve tried over the years and we can honestly vouch for their effectiveness. For more ideas about how to build a creative culture, click here.



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