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7 Apps No Business Traveler Should Leave Home Without

With new apps coming out all the time, we were curious about the very best ones now available for business travelers. So we asked a few of the ultra-tech-savvy people here who create ExperiTech™ customer experiences about their current favs.

Here’s what they recommend:

Passbook  With just a tap, your airline boarding pass comes right up on your phone, so you won’t be fumbling around as you step up to board. Even better, if the boarding gate changes the pass is updated and you’re sent a notification. This native iOS6 app also automatically brings up items like sporting event tickets and store membership cards on your phone as you need them.

Google Trips   This amazing app uses artificial intelligence to automatically pull all your trip info into one place. You’ll see your flight, hotel, rental car and restaurant bookings without having to search for them individually. Plus, each trip includes day plans, things to do, food and drink suggestions, and more.

OpenTable  You’re going to be dining out and you can’t afford to show up and have to wait or be turned away. Open Table gives you instant visibility into any place you care to eat at so you can make reservations, beat the crowd and stay on schedule. An oldie but  goodie.

FlightView  Tracks upcoming and in-air flights throughout the world and pushes you status alerts. Updates seem to be quicker than the ones provided by the airlines. You can also check gate assignments, delays and cancellations and use the built-in map to see a flight in progress. 

Waze   If you’ll be doing your own driving, let Waze lead the way. It’s the world's largest community-based navigation app so all the info for steering you around traffic snarls is totally up-to-the-minute. Don’t think of driving in LA without it.

Weather Underground  People swear by this app for the accuracy of its forecasts, made possible by a global community of people sharing data. Lets you pack clothes that will better match the weather you’ll actually be facing.

Google Translate   This service instantly translates words and phrases between English and over 100 other languages, so you’ll be able to order in the native language wherever your next business trip takes you.


All of these apps are free and definitely worth checking out. Happy travels!


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