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Rochester: A Great Place to Work, a Fabulous Place To Be

Drum roll please: US News has named Rochester, NY a Best Places to Live coming in at a respectable 39 on their Top 100 list. 

To anyone acquainted with our abode, this accolade will come as no surprise. But even we natives were impressed when it was recently announced that a Silicon Valley-based company will be relocating here—part of over 1,400 new high-tech jobs that will soon call Rochester home.

So why are even San Jose movers and shakers forsaking their roots and migrating to our fair city? Allow us to offer a few insider reflections:                                                    

Talented work force  A long tradition of world-class companies focused on optics and imaging, plus our designation as a leading center for Photonics, means that Rochester has the skilled work force needed to flourish in today’s tech-based industries.

Low cost of living  Housing and other living costs are significantly below the national average, yet salaries are relatively high, so everyone’s paycheck goes a lot further. As you can imagine, this is a biggie for us.

Short commutes  In the time it takes to stop-and-go 10 blocks in LA, you can get anywhere you want in Rochester—the average commute is under 22 minutes. Compared to larger metro areas, this means Rochesterians “find” an hour or more each day, which goes straight into keeping our work/life balance in blissful harmony.

Smarts  When you’ve got the University of Rochester and RIT, two of the country’s top institutions of higher learning, right in your own backyard, plus 20 other outstanding area colleges, you end up with the kind of people who think big and have a habit of starting new companies.

Nice people!  We may be a bit biased, but we swear there’s something special about Rochester folks. You won’t find a friendlier, more civic-minded group of neighbors and friends anywhere. It’s one more reason why this is such a perfect place to raise a family.

We could go on and on about our beautiful four seasons, world-class healthcare providers, the fabled Finger Lakes wine area—not to mention Wegmans!—but space limits and modesty press us to bring this hometown love letter to a close.

However, we offer an open invitation to any and all who make the trip to Rochester to visit us any time—we’ll be glad to tell you the rest of this story in person!