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Renew For the New Year

Here we are in the “quiet” part of the year for trade shows and events. Yet so many of us are still up to our eyebrows finalizing next year’s schedules, forecasting budgets, spending unspent dollars…among a million other things.

But in all this rush and din, let’s not forget that a whole new business year is dawning. Now is the perfect time for each of us to take a deep breath, wipe the slate clean and make room for the future.

To prepare for the year ahead, it’s important to reflect on all that is behind you - the major accomplishments and areas of growth; to the challenges and areas for improvement to focus on in the upcoming year. In those successes, what were the driving factors and how do you keep the momentum? In the failures, find those ever important “lessons learned”, as our failures are what continue to shape our future. Taking this moment (or two) for reflection and calm, allows us to be present in the tasks ahead and to re-energize for the future.

And now, we can look ahead. We’re energized and ready. We can let our minds wander and imagine all that we hope the future will bring. When we allow ourselves to reset, only our imagination can limit us.

Imagine in this coming year that technology will take us to ever-greater levels of customer engagement, enabling attendees to see, learn and experience more than ever possible.

Imagine we’ll learn to better use the data pouring in from these technology-driven journeys to revolutionize what we know about our customers.

Imagine the transformation in the way we approach event marketing and customer engagement because of this data, how it will allow us to make better, smarter decisions than ever before.

And imagine how we can deliver more value to the organizations we work for, becoming even more customer-centric and knowing that, in all of this, the winds of change are on our side.

As we think about these things, let’s remember how privileged we truly are. After all, we work in an industry we have chosen and love. And what an industry—the only one where people can come together and connect face-to-face to do the buying and selling that drives our economy and helps everyone prosper.

Above all, let’s reflect upon and be grateful for all the things we have beyond career— family, health and love.

To our clients, vendors and friends—Happy New Year from MSM!