Experiencing virtual reality goggles headset

New Technology: Great for Customers - Amazing for You

If ever there was the promise of something being better for the customerand the exhibitor, it’s got to be the tsunami of new technology now hitting the tradeshow space.

That’s because nothing can add richness and involvement to the attendee experience the way technology can. While it simultaneouslyunleashes a torrent of fresh, actionable customer data to your marketing efforts.

Help your customers learn more
As we know, people attend events to learn something. In fact, the more they learn, the more apt they are to buy, use or recommend whatever it is you’re selling.

And that’s precisely where the power of technology lives. Whether it’s ultra-precise gesture recognition, active tabletops or even a Virtual Reality headset that attendees can use to explore digital worlds, they all offer an extraordinary new capability: a level of interactivity that puts people firmly in control of their learning experience.

For the first time, attendees can chart their own course through the information you’re presenting, deciding what they want to learn, how much time they want to spend there, and where they want to go next. And because these are all-new and ultra-cool immersive experiences, they’ll enjoy learning more than ever.

All of which can do wonders in making your story come to life in the minds of your customers. And that’s huge. Because it leads directly to the reason why you’re exhibiting to begin with—bigger sales.

Learn more about our customers
As if creating a richer, more rewarding educational experience wasn’t enough, it’s really just the beginning of what new technology can achieve. Because at the same time your customers are learning more, you’ll be learning more about them.

You’ll get in-depth answers to questions like: What part of the exhibit did they go to first? Which products did they spend the most time with? What topics were they interested in and what did they ignore? Did the flow of attendees through your exhibit work or inhibit what you were trying to accomplish?

Best of all, since you can now start associating an attendee’s name with their level of interest in your company or products—and measure the degree of that interest—you’ll build prospect lists that give your marketing team much better-qualified leads.

So, when you add it all up and think about all that technology can do for your customers and you, it adds up to one heck of a win-win.

Here is a link to Exhibitor Magazine’s excellent three-part overview on technology: