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Need a Little Inspiration? Just Look Around...

Creative thinking and problem solving is inherently part of every job. Speaking from our own point of view, we're constantly challenged to bring brands to life through 3-Dimensional experiences that audiences can see, touch, hear and sometimes taste and smell.  

Where do we draw inspiration? Everywhere. When polling our design team about their sources, it turns out that their favorite ones actually have nothing to do with exhibit design.

For example, one designer checks out Pinterest—just swiping through interesting pictures seems to get her imagination flowing. Another designer finds himself inspired by cars, especially the curves of the sheet metal. Another gets his best ideas from scenery viewed on his daily bike ride.

And while these sources may sound strange, they’re actually practicing a creative technique called relaxed concentration. Here’s how it works:

  • Plant the problem firmly in your head and think about it as hard as you can
  • Do this until you feel you can’t anymore
  • Next, put the problem aside and let your subconscious go to work
  • This is the part of the process where inspiration comes in
  • An egg carton, the shape of a passing cloud, or the color of the raincoat on someone passing by will suddenly trigger an idea

In other words, inspiration is a catalyst that crystallizes an idea you’ve already been working on. It’s the end of the process, not the beginning. That’s why your best ideas often come when you least expect it—watching a movie, talking with your child or just reaching for a quart of milk at the back of the fridge.

Hey, this technique works for our award-winning design team. Maybe it can work for you too. The best results are often seen through collaboration and we love taking this approach with our clients in bringing their brands to life.