Reaching a Milestone? Don’t Forget to Throw a Party!

Celebrations, even little ones, matter. They really do. Whether it’s a birthday, a new house, breaking 100 in golf, a promotion or whatever else seems fitting, drawing people we care about together for a festive moment is a ritual we might want to think about twice before skipping.

Partly that’s because the things we choose to celebrate help to define where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going. Saying that an event is worth celebrating just has a way of bringing clarity to our path through life. And it says that maybe some of those little things aren’t so little after all.

Even more important, a celebration allows us to share the moment of success or passage with others, including those who helped make it happen as well as those who we just want to include. It’s an affirming message about who we value as partners in our achievements.

Of course, all of this applies equally well to the world of business. You brought in a new piece of business? Hit a sales goal? Won an industry award? Rally the troops and party. It’s a great way to bestow credit, reinforce good performance, promote teamwork and enrich your work culture.

This year at Mirror Show Management, we’ve got a big one to celebrate—our 25th anniversary. Talk about a life’s path. In 1993 our “doorbell” was a hammer hung on a string that visitors could bang on our door. And today we’re doing work with some of the country’s greatest companies for shows all over the world.

So yes, we’ve got plenty to celebrate. But most especially, we’ve got a lot of great people to thank for it. And so, every 25th of the month, all year long, there will be a special surprise for our employees. Like finding chocolates in the shape of 2s and 5s atop their desks, courtesy of a secret elf. Or discovering a 25-shaped wall of donuts at the company breakfast. Plus lots more to come that we can’t talk about yet.

Okay, so maybe we got a bit carried away, but we also painted all our corridors silver and placed a super-sized, glowing 25 sculpture outside our office. But hey, we are proud and, most of all, we do want to honor our people in a big way.

But don’t ever feel you have to wait for an event as big as an anniversary. There’s always something to celebrate. So find a good one, get out those invitations, break out the bubbly—even if it’s soda pop—and share the moment!