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Trying to Get Through Your Busy Season? Try Life Hacks

If you’re like most businesses, you probably have at least one crazy-busy time each year. We sure do. In fact, we’re smack-dab in the middle of it, with over fifty exhibits having shipped in just April and May alone, and forty more to come in June. So you can imagine, it’s one of those high-pressure, do-or-die times when a few words of advice can go a long way toward keeping us focused, refreshed and giving our usual 110%.

So it’s a no brainer why our account team loves the book Life Hacks by Keith Bradford. It’s a collection of, well, life hacks, a term coined in 2004 to describe the shortcuts IT professionals use and today means any trick or skill that increases productivity in all walks of life.

What are a few of our favorites, you ask? To better answer that question, let’s put you in the typical trade show mindset in the midst of a challenging set-up. For instance, you’ve got 10,000 square feet of exhibit space to set-up in a matter of hours before the executive team arrives for a walk-through. It’s complete with theatrical overhead lighting, intricate structural design and a million individually wrapped stress balls. Oh yeah, and you’re already sweating, because you’re at the Orlando Convention Center in July.

OK, so we may be exaggerating a bit, but here are a couple tips from Life Hacks that could help you keep cool in this, or any stressful scenario you might have:

  • Laughing for 15 minutes has the same health benefits as getting two extra hours of sleep.
  • Singing releases a large amount of endorphins in your brain and can make you feel better almost instantly.
  • Recipe for relaxation: Exhale completely, inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale for eight seconds. (Feel better yet?)

Or how about working from the road? Here are a few tips we love that can keep you organized and efficient:

  • When writing an e-mail, make sure the last thing you do is put in the recipient’s e-mail address. This will help you avoid sending an unfinished e-mail. (And it’s always easier to do this from your phone!)
  • Get the Wi-Fi password to almost anywhere by checking the comments section on Foursquare. (In case the convention center doesn’t already have free WiFi)
  • If you’re at a hotel and run out of chargers, the TV usually has a USB plug-in.

The book has over 1,000 life hacks that range from great money savers to quick cures and solutions. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself. Or you can get a life hack emailed to you each day by subscribing here.

And here’s wishing you good luck surviving your busy season!