Keeping Your Exhibit Fresh and Engaging Year After Year

When you attend a show year after year, it’s easy to get a bit stale. After all, the effort involved in reinventing the wheel can put a huge burden on your event marketing team.

That’s why we highly recommend relying on an exhibit partner who has a team full of fresh, inspired ideas, and years of expertise to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to engaging the masses.

This is the value we provide every day for our clients, and what we do every year for our own exhibit at EXHIBITORLIVE, the annual trade show for trade shows. As you can imagine, every exhibitor at this industry event is putting their very best forward. Add to that the fact that our exhibit IS our product, and what attendees are there to see and buy. If it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, engage our audience and showcase our strengths, then where does that leave us?

No matter the industry you’re in or the show you attend, you only have 3 minutes to grab attendees’ attention, so we’re sharing some tactics that have worked for us. Here’s our tips to keep your exhibit fresh and engaging year-after-year in the form of our favorite MSM exhibit throwbacks!

Bottom line, you don’t need to completely reinvent how you show up every year. Making small, yet impactful changes will keep attendees intrigued year after year. Just remember to refresh now and again, especially as your brand evolves, or as new products are introduced. You want to make sure it’s done with a splash.

Thinking about a change? Get in touch with our award-winning experience design team to start the conversation.