Travel Tips

Insider Tips for Overseas Business Travelers

If your trade show and events program includes international venues but you’re relatively new to overseas travel, our seasoned account executives have some advice about how to prepare for those upcoming journeys:

  • Electrical adaptor Obviously you’ll need one, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Plus, hair dryers and straightening irons usually require an extra transformer. This short article can help you sort out what you’ll need. Or there are some “universal” adaptors that will usually get you through. But your safest bet is to ask a colleague who has recently traveled to your destination what they recommend.
  • Sleeping aids Many international flights involve overnight travel and, to minimize jetlag, it’s important to get as much sleep as you can going over. So bring earplugs, an eye mask and maybe an inflatable pillow in your carry-on bag, think tranquil thoughts, and enjoy a good sleep.
  • Phone plan To avoid sky-high roaming charges and international fees, you’ll need a game plan for using your cell phone overseas, so check with your mobile carrier. For extended trips, an international phone plan is usually your best bet.
  • Noise-canceling headphones The newer ones block out annoying aircraft engine noise like magic. Just the thing to help you enjoy music or a movie in relaxing silence all the way to your destination. We think Bose is a can’t-miss choice.
  • Credit card Take a minimal amount of cash and do the currency exchanges at the airport, both going and returning. For the majority of your purchases, use a credit card so you’ll have a record for your expense report. It’s a good idea to know your PIN; you may be prompted for it in certain transactions. And by all means notify your card company before you leave to prevent their fraud department from deactivating your card.

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 Safe and happy travels!