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In Creating a VIP Experience, Remember the Fundamentals

In a recent blogwe talked about the way consumers are increasingly receiving VIP-like treatment from the businesses they deal with. And how leading companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Starbucks have permanently raised customer expectations about how they should be treated.

A lot of these changes can be attributed to technology, the ability to learn about a customer’s preferences and then deploy services that act upon this information. And for similar reasons there’s a huge technology play going on in the world of trade shows and events. One only need think of the way next-gen Event Bots are now providing 24/7 concierge-level service to attendees to see how big this change is.

But as great as technology has been in moving the VIP experience forward, we believe there’s something more fundamental and enduring that matters even more: connecting with your customers as human beings. 

This goes beyond knowing what someone’s preferences are for a particular thing or event. It’s about knowing what their passions are, what they aspire to, what challenges them and what they dream.

When you’ve paid enough attention to discovering these things, and start to build experiences based on them, the magic of a VIP experience can truly unfold. Generalities melt away because you’re communicating clearly and directly to an actual person. 

For example, at ExhibitorLIVE 2017 we created an immersive personality quiz for our event manager guests that was written and produced just for them. The experience would have made zero sense for anyone except this audience because it was based entirely upon our working knowledge of these individuals. 

We think it was this “audience-savvy strategy,” as Exhibitor Magazine put it, that caused them to award the 2017 Sizzle Award for best VIP Promotion to our ExhibitorLIVE experience. We mention this not to be self-serving, but because it illustrates how positively people, awards-show judges included, tend to respond when you really focus in on the human side. 

So whether your audience is a physician, IT professional or candlestick maker, creating an experience that lets them feel recognized and valued both as professionals and as people will go a long way toward bonding them to your brand.

And that, more than any technology, is what the VIP experience is really all about.


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