How to add fun to your next business meeting

How to Add a Dash of Fun to Your Next Meeting

As in most service businesses, being in trade shows and events means going to meetings. A lot of meetings. Our account executives typically spend 4 to 6 hours per day in them. And our trade show manager clients often spend more. 

So, for the sake of everyone involved, you might want to try adding a bit of fun to your meetings. Nothing crazy, mind you, just a few things to lighten up the mood. Not only will your invitees appreciate these efforts, they’ll be apt to stay more involved—which could make your meetings more productive, too.

Here’s a few idea starters:

  • Keep it human Bring more than just your business side to the meeting. Open with a fun slide, mention your daughter’s upcoming wedding, ask people about their weekend plans, that sort of thing. This brief effort to encourage connections will be rewarded with a better vibe and more energy all around.

  • Award prizes Offering on-the-spot gifts for outstanding ideas is guaranteed to produce smiles. It can be as simple as a wrapped candy tossed their way—it’s the spontaneity and informality of the gesture that counts. Probably best kept for internal meetings but this can also work with some clients.

  • Put fun things in the room We have a selection of interlocking magnetic puzzles in our conference rooms. Some people play with them through entire meetings. They’re not just there for fun; they also seem to free up the creative side of people’s brains as they work through problems.

  • Never go over Though not strictly a fun-adding idea, nothing will subtract more happy points than allowing your meeting to run over, so don’t. And if you happen to get through your agenda early, don’t be shy about closing the meeting and giving everyone back their time. They’ll be glad you did!

  • Thank everyone for coming With all of the meetings people attend on a daily basis, it’s a nice idea to thank them for taking the time to attend yours. A simple way to add a little cheer.

You can find a lot more fun suggestions here. And now we must close, there’s a meeting we have to run off to…