Exhibit Design New Look

5 Signs Your Exhibit Design Needs a New Look

No question about it, trade show properties are a big investment. But when it comes time to update or replace them, you shouldn’t delay. The success of your entire program really does depend on it.

So here are five quick signs that you might need to start moving on to new and better:

#1. No butterflies in the stomach  If you’re a little blasé or downright bored with the look of your exhibit, the rest of the world is probably right there with you. After all, show attendees are looking for exhibits to wow them and if yours isn’t doing it, they’ll gladly keep moving down the hall until they find those that do.

#2. Mismatched socks syndrome  Often a collection of booth properties will be acquired over a period of time and, if you’re not careful, things can start to look a bit hodge-podgey. It could be time to clear the decks, come up with a new design and pull everything back together.

#3. You’re constantly adding new properties  This could be a sign of having inflexible properties that can’t readily adapt to a varied or growing show schedule. Modularity is key, and if your properties aren’t designed with that in mind from the beginning, you’re going to be paying a lot more to achieve the flexibility you require.

#4. You’re looking different from show to show  Presenting the same face to your audience at all times is critical to the success of your brand. Problems can occur if you’re using different exhibit houses for different divisions. They can also creep up if you’ve been making acquisitions, which often includes inheriting the acquired company’s show properties. Whatever the reason, if your look is inconsistent, it’s time to blow the whistle and get everyone back in line.

#5. Customers are losing interest  We saved the most dire warning sign for last. If you’re noticing attendance fall off, lackluster interaction between visitors and staff, declining leads—or you’re just seeing a bored look on the face of your attendees—alarms should go off.  It’s definitely time to get your trade show company’s design team to sharpen their pencils.

That’s just a sampling of the more reliable signs that you may be due for a new look. Then again, if you have a strong partnership with a trusted and competent trade show company, you can count on them to be thinking ahead and making sure that your exhibits always remain fresh, exciting and performing at their best.