Top Favorite Restaurant in Trade Show Cities.

Favorite Restaurants in Top Trade Show Cities, Part 1

For this week’s blog, we polled our own frequent travelers for their favorite places to eat while they’re away at trade shows and events. They came up with so many good ones, we decided to present their recommendations as a series.

Here's Part 1:

Las Vegas
Il Mulino Elegant atmosphere makes this an ideal venue for client entertaining or end-of-show wrap celebrations. Linen, impeccable service, gorgeous views. Plus cuisine so authentic, you’ll think you’ve been transported to Italy. La dolce vita.  

Secret Pizza Psssst! This place has no name on the door and you won’t see it listed in any directory, but you’ll find it tucked into the Cosmopolitan. Delicious New York style fold-over pizza.
You’ll feel like a Vegas local for being in the know about this hidden gem.

New York
Manganaro’s Hero Boy Just a short walk from Javits. Their grilled chicken sandwich parmigiana with roasted peppers and seeded Italian roll will make your showfloor worries melt away. Take it out, bring it back and dive in. One of our road supervisors does this every single day he’s working in NYC.

Wildfire This steak, chop and seafood destination is the kind of place where everything is done so well it just makes you smile. Great food, superb service and moderately priced for those of us needing to expense it. You will not leave unhappy or unfull.

New Orleans
Mulates Alligator dishes, savory gumbo and crawfish etouffee all washed down with ice-cold beer on a warm Louisiana night. An authentic, down-home Cajun adventure right across the street from the convention center.

Thai Thani Situated in a cute neighborhood, this place feels completely local even though it has other locations. Sit on the floor cushions and enjoy a wonderful selection of Thai food. Relaxed, welcoming and a touch exotic.

El Vez Margarita pitchers and a lively scene make this a great place to bring the crowd to unwind after a long day. The exquisitely textured guacamole is prepared for you right at the table—absolutely the best we’ve ever had.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t add one more city to the list, though it’s not a top trade show location—it’s our home town. Come up and visit us any time!

Nick Tahou Hots The kind of eatery where everyone from cops to hipsters come together for down-to-earth chow. Home of the renowned Garbage Plate, a concoction you custom-order that combines on one plate choices such as hot dogs or hamburger patties, home fries, macaroni salad—even fish—all topped with Nick’s signature hot sauce. Try it once and you’ll be a believer.