Everybody’s Talking About Customer Experience

Updated: February 22, 2018

These days all kinds of businesses are starting to embrace the importance of the customer experience—from restaurants to vacation resorts, to maybe even your local doggy daycare.

After all, everyone senses that it’s no longer just about selling a product. Customers are looking for something bigger, more exciting and immediately gratifying. And the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs are the ones finding clever ways to do just that.

After last year's ExhibitorLIVE the annual trade show of trade shows— it was clear that the exhibit and events industry is running with this idea. But while lots of exhibit managers are paving the way with experiential integrations in their trade show exhibits or events, many others are still on the sidelines, asking us how they can create the kinds of things they experienced at our exhibit.

There were also lots of questions about technology because it’s playing a starring role in many exhibits and event marketing strategies, but has a way of striking fear into the hearts of the uninitiated. Another related issue, of course, is cost.

There aren’t simple answers to these concerns, though a few abiding principles do apply. First and foremost, every audience is different and the experience needs to be right for yours. Your challenge is to get close enough to them so you can almost read their minds. Once you get into their mindset, the kind of experience they’ll appreciate will become a lot clearer. (If you’d like a little inspiration, check-out our page on ExperiTech™, or click here for an Exhibitor article about our 2017 ExhibitorLIVE experience.)

As to technology, we reminded our attendees that it’s only one way to create an interactive experience. Sometimes low-tech or even no-tech activities or involvements may be just what your audience needs and those options should be explored. Then again, if technology is your answer, the key is to find an experienced partner who can shoulder the burden of bringing your vision to life while helping you manage cost.

The truth is, the biggest hurdle might just be the commitment to begin. So we say, whatever kind of business you’re in, go forth and create some excitement—in whatever form that makes sense for your audience. Your customers will reward you with more loyalty, sales and smiles.

Attending ExhibitorLIVE next week? It's your chance to meet with our engagement experts in person. Here's a sneak preview for what we've got in store:

MSM will continue our tradition of featuring custom-created, immersive experiences at EXHIBITORLIVE—no doubt the reason why last year our exhibit was honored with both Exhibitor Magazine’s Sizzle Award and the EDPA Eddie Award.

This year, we’ve gone even further, creating a deluxe VIP game room where you can match wits with other exhibit and events managers, have a great time and compete for a top prize. Of course at the same time, you’ll experience first-hand the latest in customer engagement technology and gain personalized insights from our customer experience experts.

And there’s no question how powerful gamification is with today’s audiences. After all, by age 21, the average millennial has spent an astonishing 10,000 hours of gaming. So, find out how you can engage your audience in ways never before possible with MSM's ExperiTech™ team.

Register early to get on our VIP list, or just stop by booth #1207, we look forward to seeing you there!

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