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Event Technology and the Rise of the Event Bots!

Bots really are starting to take over the world, at least when it comes to the world of events and trade shows.

That’s because a next-gen Bot embedded into an event app can deliver concierge-level service 24/7 to attendees—without having to pay a small army of humans to make it happen.

These virtual personal assistants will accurately answer almost any question your guests can think of, from What’s the weather going to be? or Where’s the nearest Starbucks? to more sophisticated ones like What shoes should I wear?

And from the user’s perspective it doesn’t matter that humans aren’t involved. Because advanced artificial intelligence (AI) along with Natural Language Processing make today’s Bots friendly, resourceful and a breeze to interact with.

They can do a lot more than answer questions, too. At a recent event, one of our clients divided their attendees into different tracks based on whether they were customers, partners and so forth. They then created different agendas for each track and the Bot pushed out notifications throughout the event informing each person where to go next.

Because each attendee’s journey was customized according to their professional role, everyone got to enjoy a richer, more meaningful experience. Plus, having separate agendas helped keep the crowds moving smoothly through the event while making everyone feel taken care of.

The client went a step further by engaging a select team of content experts to be on standby to answer highly technical questions that were beyond the scope of the Bot. The switchover was seamless and completely invisible to the user. Yet, delivering this extra attention didn’t require a huge amount of staffing because 89% of the questions were still answered without human intervention.

At the conclusion of the event, the Bot pushed out a survey to the attendees. Not only did a record-high percentage of them complete it; it was clear from their responses that they had enjoyed an extra-special experience. 

Bots are really all about the bigger global push for event technology. After all, consumers can now ask Alexa questions in their own kitchen, so the bar has been permanently raised for what they expect in events and trade shows. No wonder so many event managers are teaming up with agencies to help them strategize new tech ideas that work for their audience. 

And after all, isn’t delivering a great experience what we’re in this industry to do? 

You can learn more about the “invasion” of the Event Bots here.


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