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Creative Awards: 5 Reasons Why We Should All Support Them

The list of award contests for trade shows and events just keeps growing. And we continue to be big supporters.

In fact, we think that awards aren’t just good for exhibit houses and their clients. We’re convinced they also play a role in elevating our industry. Here's why:

#1 They inspire better work  Creating something original is always fraught with tension and challenge. When something is truly new, the natural human reaction will  usually be some degree of skepticism. An award at the end of the rainbow provides one more incentive to create, recognize
and champion great work.

#2 They reward adventurous clients  Winning a creative award is a feather in the cap for individuals who insist upon and then shepherd the best work through their organizations. Awards also help cement agency/client relationships and offer reassurance to the client that their exhibit house really is up to snuff.

#3 They help recruit creative talent  Awards are very important to the careers of creative people, so they’re drawn like bees to honey to the agencies that win them. This can become self-perpetuating as the best talent continues to pile into companies with the strongest creative reputations.

#4 They’re good for business  Having a shelf full of creative trophies helps agencies attract new clients. So they actually provide a bottom-line reward for doing cutting-edge work.

#5 They raise industry standards  Seeing the cream of the crop in one place makes it easy to get a handle on the hottest design trends and, more importantly, to expand one’s thinking about what to shoot for. By setting standards, awards also offer guidance for judging creative work, which is a daily responsibility for many of us.

By the way, this blog was inspired by our recent win of two Experience Design and Technology Awards  and of a Best Design Award at a major European show. We and our clients are thrilled.

When you think about it, that’s another good reason to like and support award shows!