Communication is crucial.

Communicating: Why You Can Never Do Too Much

It’s been said that for someone to hear your message, you need to repeat it 7 times. Whatever that magic number is, there’s no question that in the world of trade shows and events, as in any business, you just can’t overdo communicating. After all, there are so many benefits that it brings to companies and careers:

  • Creates a sense of mission People need to feel they belong to something. This purpose, or identity, should be shared often by management to build a positive workplace culture. Creating a list of core values and communicating them can be hugely valuable. A company intranet site also helps foster a shared mission.
  • Signals your good intentions In the absence of receiving a communication, people tend to fill in the gap on their own. So if you’re planning a change or new direction that’s going to effect employees or clients, it’s better to get in front of the rumor mill and start talking about it as soon as they become aware of it.
  • Cements teamwork An effective team is all about understanding the role that each person has and then coordinating those activities. The key to success is excellent and ongoing communications between coworkers and managers. And a task management platform such as SharePoint is great for keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Helps you manage your “brand” Reputations, like gardens, need constant tending. This is as true for our own reputations as it is for a company’s. So be conscious about letting others know who you are, what you stand for and the value you bring.
  • Is the ultimate reality check Open communication means feedback and plenty of it. Inviting others to speak their mind is the best way to gauge just how good your service, product or idea really is. Client surveys are an important part of this, as is a genuine open door policy with employees.

When you add it all up, it’s easy to see that communication—and lots of it—is the heart and soul of every healthy business. So let’s all just keep on talking!