Busy Season Piling On the Stress? There’s an App For That

It’s that time of year again, when spring arrives and reminds us that as far as “busy” goes, this time of year tops them all.  At least that’s the case for any of us involved in trade show planning.

During the heavy trade show season, we like to impart some wisdom in hopes of helping our fellow event professionals manage stress levels, stay productive and keep things in perspective. We’ve previously offered suggestions in other blogs, including exercise and diet, work-life balance and even the idea of subscribing to Life Hacks to get you through the day.

Yet we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the range of powerful apps that are available to help you manage stress and stay mindful in all kinds of new ways. So without further ado (because we know how busy you are) we present three of our favorites:

Mindfulness AppThe Mindfulness App: If you believe, as many experts do, that meditation is the single best way to reduce stress in daily life, this app is just what the doctor ordered. Best of all, if you’re a beginner, it will ease you in and teach you the basics without creating any of the anxiety you’re trying to get away from in the first place. It's used by millions of meditators in over 130 countries, and is free to download on iPhone and Android.

Colorfy AppColorfy: In our business, we see the magic of creativity every day. It turns out that this app can help you unleash your own creativity to take the edge off. Feel the tension fade as you paint mandalas, patterns, animals, plants and other images or do the same with your own drawings. It’s a perfect little break to take whenever you’ve got a minute. And get this: the new AR virtual gallery lets you see your drawings as if they were right there in the room with you. It's free to download on iPhone and Android.

Nature Sounds AppNature Sounds and Spa Music There’s no question that an essential way to combat stress comes from that nightly rejuvenation ritual we call sleep. With 25 nature sounds as well as a soundboard with 35 sounds to mix and create your own perfect audio bliss, this app will help you get the most out of every Z. Awaken more refreshed—then up and at ‘em! Available for the iPhone for free.

There are dozens of apps available, including some that show you how to use breathing to control stress, some that teach you tension-reducing acupressure techniques, and even ones that can train you in relaxing with self-hypnosis. Nearly all are available for both iPhone and Android and are free, with subscriptions you can add to unlock regularly updated content. And no matter what comes your way this trade show season, may this offer you some Zen and peace of mind.

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