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A Quick Guide for Helping Event Managers Sleep Better

Hurricane Michael storming across Florida a few weeks ago reminded us that the unexpected is always a possibility. And while hard to predict, having a back-up plan is of the utmost importance. In trade shows as in life, planning for the unexpected makes solving for the unforeseen that much easier.  

This applies not just to large occurrences like hurricanes, but smaller ones as well, like lost shipments —even if they don’t feel very small when they’re happening to you. If you have a plan in place and a great partner supporting you, any situation can be navigated to a positive end.

As an exhibit partner who’s been around the block once or twice, here’s our quick checklist of questions you should ask of your partner to ensure they’ve got your back.

  • Do you provide 24/7/365 account supervision?  This is highly critical to have a team that’s always on call, especially given most trade shows or events are setting up over the weekend.
  • Is your warehouse equipped with sprinklers and a backup generator?  While the unexpected can happen on show floor, it’s also important to know your properties are safe and secure while not on the road.
  • Do you barcode all client owned assets?  With many trade shows happening concurrently, often times transshipping from one show to the next, it’s important to have a partner who takes special precaution to barcode each and every client owned item in their possession. That way, they know where your properties are at all times.
  • Do you work only with top-notch carriers?  While this one seems like a no brainer, it’s important to know that your exhibit partner works with carriers who provide top line service, including a direct line to their drivers. If and when any issues come up during transit, having this line of contact is critical.
  • Do you have solid relationships with local production resources in all major cities?  We’ve all been there before. A last minute sign change is requested and is needed urgently before show open. Your exhibit partner should already be set-up to handle such rush production needs, no matter the situation. Having production facilities and/or trusted partners in all major cities is the key to delivering such requests with ease.

With a partner who is equipped to tackle anything, come what may—bad weather, labor strikes, or just the talent not showing up on timeyou’ll never miss a good night’s sleep. With a good partner by your side, all things are possible. And that’s a really comforting thing to know.

For more on how savvy exhibit houses avoid and resolve risks, check out this excellent Exhibitor Magazine article.


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