A Fond Farewell to the EDPA and a Bright New Beginning

The Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) is widely recognized as the number one network for leaders in the customer experience industry.

Frankly, some used to refer to it as a bit of an old boys’ club — but, I can assure you it isn’t anymore.

When first taking on the role as President of the Board this past year, EDPALogoI thought “how hard can this job be?” And although I consider it one of the greatest honors of my career, I can tell you that at times it was challenging.

Our EDPA one-lane road of exhibit builders and suppliers had turned into an experiential superhighway. The Association required some updates and much-needed changes to move us forward. And where there is change, there are inevitable growing pains.

Along the way, I believe we have successfully jumpstarted our mission to reinvent our future. Credit goes to the amazing board and Executive Committee who supported and contributed to all initiatives. We also hired our first full-time employee (from the agency world, of course), which is a milestone in its own right.

The results of this year’s ACCESS conference  are proof that we’re moving in the right direction. A large part of our success has come from focusing on new ways to engage members in great conversations.

This is what progress feels like. 

It has been my great pleasure to serve during this time of change and I now look forward to taking a back seat and assisting the new incoming president, the superbly qualified Dave Flory, from CORT Furniture.

Thanks to all of you for supporting me during this year of change. I depart more excited than ever to be part of our industry’s bright, bright future.






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