EDPA RFP certification

A Better Way to do an RFI? Skip It

When it comes to locating your next tradeshow company in a sea of candidates, pretty much everyone agrees that the proper first step is to issue a request for information (RFI).

That way, you get to survey a broad range of candidates, ensuring that each has the proper credentialsand skillset you need, without subjecting an unwieldy number of them—and yourself—to the rigors of a full-blown request for proposal (RFP).

But RFIs, properly researched and executed, still require a heck of a lot of work. So…wouldn’t it be great if you could confidently go straight to the RFP instead? Even better, wouldn’t it be great
if you could do so with more confidence in your candidates’
credentials than if you did the RFI in the first place?

Enter the EDPA RFP certification
That’s the whole idea behind the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association Certification Program. Simply put, the EDPA prescreens exhibit houses so you don’t have to. And each company must submit extensive formal documentation in order to achieve that certification.

Choose with greater confidence
The best part is, the EDPA certification is rigorous beyond where any RFI that you might issue could reasonably be. Competencies that are validated include ethical business practices, industry experience and participation, operational methodology, fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship. Everything is certified by an independent third party. And annual recertification is required to make sure all qualifications are completely up-to-date.

A “Good Housekeeping Seal” for our industry
We’ve been through the certification process and can tell you it is at a level of detail we haven’t experienced before. Currently, there are more than a dozen tradeshow companies that have passed muster and the list keeps growing. You can find the Certification Directory here.

So if you want to skip your next RFI and go straight to the RFP with complete confidence that you’re only dealing with A-list candidates, check out the EDPA RFP Certification Program. It really is the only way to go. 

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