9 Survival Tips for Trade Show and Event Travelers

For this week’s blog, we walked around and asked a few of our most seasoned trade show account executives to share their favorite travel tips with you.

Here’s their top 9:

#1 Avoid last flights out  If your flight in a connecting city gets bumped, you’ll barely miss a beat if a later one is available. Don’t even think about the alternative.

#2 Be a quick-change artist  You’re coming off showfloor or an event and it’s time to fly home. What does the savvy traveler do? She ducks into the nearest bathroom like Superwoman and emerges in her casual best thanks to the change of clothes she strategically stashed for the occasion.

#3 Triple-load your iPad  Two or three books in the pipeline is just the thing when you get stuck in, say, Detroit for 11 hours (yup, that happened to us recently). Digging into your favorite author makes the time pass like magic, so be prepared.

#4 Carry a charging brick  These purse-handy devices are the perfect way to avoid going up against the mob surrounding the only available airport electrical outlet to try to charge your phone. Send us a note with your address and we’ll mail you one!

#5 Keep snacks handy  You figure you’re going to work through morning, stop and have lunch, then grab dinner before you reach the airport? Well…good luck with that. A bag or two of healthy snacks will be manna from heaven when your best-laid plans fall apart.

#6 Go shoelaceless  Loafers make that annoying shoes-off airport security drill a whole lot easier to take for the men among us.

#7 Get a passport protector  New passports contain an RFID chip that someone with the right equipment can hack into without you being aware. A passport holder with built-in foil will, well, foil would-be identity thieves. Available everywhere online.

#8 Bring ear buds  The days of airlines passing them out for free are ancient history. And nothing is more irritating than being on a TV-equipped airplane and having to pay for yet another pair.

 #9 Get a TSA Pre✓  We saved the most valuable tip for last. The time and hassle you’ll save using this expedited screening service will be worth the application fee dozens of times over. Maybe ask your employer to pay for it. We do.

So there they are, straight from our veteran trade show travelers to you. If you have any other hard-won tips you’d like to share with colleagues, we’d love to hear them!