Productive things to do during summer slow down.

7 Productive Things to Do During the Trade Show Summer Slowdown

Downtime isn’t all that common in our business, but if you’re going to have any it’ll probably be in the summer. So let’s take the occasion to suggest a few work activities that won’t only get you through the doldrums, but might actually set you up to be more productive when things get rolling again.

#1. Organize something  Purge old files, organize your office, get all those documents crowding your computer desktop into clearly labeled folders. We’re all buried in information and now’s the perfect time to dig ourselves out.

#2. Improve a process Think about how
things get done in your office and imagine
better ways to coordinate tasks, improve teamwork and enhance workflow.

#3. Read  That pile of Event Marketer and Exhibitor magazines stashed in your office? Now’s a great time to plow through and catch the buzz on what’s going on in the industry. Good time to catch up on blogs, too. Here’s our archive.

#4. Think big  Stretch back, give yourself a bigger perspective on your role and the contributions you make to your company and imagine how to take your game to the next level.

#5. Archive emails  Granted, this one’s a bit trivial, but hey, you’ll be glad when it keeps you out of mail jail as the busy season kicks back in.

#6. Take the team out for lunch  Strengthening those interpersonal relationships is a lot easier when you have more time to do it. So take the gang out and connect.

#7. Leave town  What’s so productive about going on vacation? It’s all about recharging those batteries. So get out of the office and visit someplace wonderful. And if you can’t go away, clean the garage, plant a new garden, renovate a room. Or give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing, All work and no play makes Traci a dull trade show manager.

Whatever you do, try hard to actually enjoy having too little to do for a change. In the crazy world of trade shows, you’ll be back up to your eyeballs before you know it.

Enjoy your summer!